Schlagwort-Archiv: Middlefinger

Pøl▲røid | Inst▲x Film x M*DDLEF*NG∑R | Pink Edition | 2021


Middlefinger up | CREWLO▼E | Shooting | Crewlove | Studio | Germany | 2019 © 007-0815-Styler Photography

Lømø Øf The Week 04/02/18

…lomo of the week, thizzz izzz an analog lomography diana mini shot, taken with an agfa ct 100er slidefilm (developed c41)


007-0815-Styler Photography | Team | Making Ofz | Shooting | Hamburg 2017 © 007-0815-Styler Photography


•••  HELLØ M*DDLEF*NGER  ••• Mødel: Chiara Baluch H&M: Sabrina Mambor / Sabrina M. Hair & Make-up Artist Photographer: Styler • 007-0815-Styler Photography

Lomo Of The Week 01/09/13

… photos of the week, this is a fisheye shot, taken with a kodak 200 color (developed in C-41)

007-0815-Styler lovez Fashion

007-0815-Styler lovez Fashion … thizzz photo wazzz taken beside a Photoshooting for a good old client in Düsseldorf.