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adidas | Supers†ar | DØ I† YØURSELF | D*V*DED

D*V*DED BLUE x Wh*†E | Supers†ar © 007-0815-Styler


Breakfas† a† Tiffany’zzz | Where izzz Audrey Hepburn | NYC © 007-0815-Styler

How Deep? | Zinkhütter Hof | 7.2015 | Recap

Møm, i†’zzz ▲r†

… hard working on a golden ‚X-Wing Fighter‘. Originally from Star Wars, now from Styler | 2015 © 007-0815-Styler

Lomo Of The Week 03/02/15

…photos of the week, thizzz izzz a lomography sprocket double exposure shot, taken with a lomo earl grey bw 100 film (developed  bw procezzz)


Lomo Of The Week 03/12/13

  … photos of the week, this is a colorsplash shot, taken with an dm color200er (developed in C-41)

Lomo Of The Week 01/04/13

  … photos of the week, this is a lomo fisheye shot, taken with a dm 400 film (developed in C-41)

Styler – Shooting for Kompass Mag 04/13

  …ein neuezzz Maskenbild auf’em Cover der aktuellen Kompass Ausgabe. Dazzz freut den Styler sehr. Client: Der Kompass Photographer: 007-0815-Styler Model: Goldie Special thx to: Frau Krönchen from Lucky-Cat

Lomo – Fisheye & Diana’z in sparkly gold

….now available in selected Lomo stores worldwide. Styler freut Sich.

Hipstamatic meets Elvis

Elvis has left the bulding; therefore thx to Nikka Wood