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LØMØ ØF †H∑ W∑∑K 01|08|21

lomo of the week | thizzz izzz an analog Colorsplash Chakra shot | taken with an Kodak Farbwelt 100 35mm (developed in C41)

▲did▲s | 50th ▲NNI▼ERS▲RY BØØK øf †he S▼pers†▲r | 2020

adidas UK brachte, anlässlich dezzz 50th Geburtstag dezzz Superstar, eine Buch / Photoband rauzzz, tja wazzz soll ich zu dem Buch sagen, über 200 Seiten Superstarzzz der letzten 50 Jahre. 2wei3 Superstarzzz auzzz… Weiterlesen

D▲▼ID ❤ D▲▼ID | 2018 | S†yler D▲▼ID ❤ D▲▼ID La Chapelle

Dreamzzz come true | Together with the one and only David La Chapelle  |||  TASCHEN  |||  Cologne  |||  2018 © 007-0815-Styler Photography

høly remø†e cøn†røl | NYC

høly remø†e cøn†røl vs. høly b*ble | NYC © 007-0815-Styler

read †hizzz | NYC

read †hizzz if yøu want tø … f##k | NYC © 007-0815-Styler

German Fashion Designer Book | Styler inside

German Fashion Designer | 1945-2012 | 300 Seiten | Lindbergh | Testino | Knight | … | und Styler izzz auch dazwischen. Ich werd verrückt, warum sagt mir dazzz keiner

Star Wars – The Blueprints (Limited Edition)

Star Wars: The Blueprints captures the original materials in breathtaking detail. Each book is hand-numbered and with an exclusive, limited run of only 5,000 English language copies, only the most passionate fans and collectors will have access to these prized documents and the incredible story they tell.