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Shooting – 007-0815-Styler for ESPRIT Fall 2010

…obwohl der Styler natürlich sehr geehrt darüber war, das weltweite POS Material für Esprit zu shooten, kam man während der Shootingtage wohl trotz allem nicht ganz an der WM 2010 vorbei & man… Weiterlesen

Shooting – 007-0815-Styler for ESPRIT (Asia)

…der 007-0815-Styler ist wieder für Esprit am Start, das freut mich. Leider kann ich noch keins der gemachten Motive zeigen, aber dafür dieses Bild hier vom seriösen Photographen. …hope you like it !!!!… Weiterlesen

Shooting – 007-0815-Styler for ESPRIT (Fall 2010)

Esprit Pre-Fall 2010 & der 007-0815-Styler ist wieder am Start, das freut mich

Shooting – 007-0815-Styler for Thom Krom

007-0815-Styler for Thom Krom 2010.

Artist – Karl Lagerfeld created a Coke bottle

Karl Lagerfeld created a Coke bottle

007-0815-Styler – Prep Day Escada

München calling, Styler is on its way. 007-0815-Styler for Escada 2011. Heute ist Prep Day in München. Set steht, Licht steht, Models sind im Flieger, Ich freu mich aufs Shooting, aber jetzt heißt… Weiterlesen

Hair & Make Up – Anna Obendiek with a new website

Anna Obendiek, an Hair Make Up Artist based in Düsseldorf comes up with a new website. Looks pretty good, take a look: http://www.annaobendiek.com

Shooting – 007-0815-Styler for Escada

007-0815-Styler for Escada. Pre-Fall/Winter 2010

Shooting – 007-0815-Styler for ESPRIT

Esprit 2010 & der 007-0815-Styler macht den Auftackt, das freut mich

007-0815-Styler – Shooting for Streetwear Today Mag

streetwear today (www.stw2d.com) is a magazine for streetculture and everything related – from fashion to streetart and music. It gives a preview of international trends in …

Fashion – Bread’n Butter / Fashion Week Berlin

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Berlin 22.10.2010, Berliner Friedrichsstadtpalast

Lomo – Bread & Butter Berlin

Lomo Store Bread & Butter Berlin

Fashion – 007-0815-Styler Shirt

In einem ernsten Moment entwarf der Styler diese Humorvolle Fashion Shirt, hope you like it.

Fashion – Madonna is Dead

The only brand that matters. Dissizit. They are the streets, hip hop, graffitiand graphic pioneers, with a legendary status in this game for over 20 years

Sneakers – Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection 2010

The Characters Pack, the Vehicles Pack and the Direct Pack. The products in each pack take inspiration from the respective aspect of the Star Wars lexicon from legendary characters and crafts to classic scenes and fuse them with iconic adidas Originals silhouettes

Shooting – 007-0815-Styler worked for Passport

007-0815-Styler for Passport and Passport for 2010. Passport Fashion GmbH

Lomo – Shanghai Lomographic Gallery Store

This Lomographic Gallery Store is based in Shanghai (Lu Wan District; 上海大使馆 上海市卢湾区进贤路126号)

Shanghai – I’m David

I’m David, Shanghai Fashion Wallpaper 2009

Shooting – 007-0815-Styler for Escada

Also die Arbeit in München hat mich extreme geflashed. Fashion = Passion