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Lomo – A customised Moustache-Diana by Tatty Devine

A customised Lomographic Moustache-Diana by Tatty Devine

Hipstamatic in Ibiza – Styler wearing ThomKrom

Hipstamatic in Ibiza – Styler wearing ThomKrom

Star Wars – Customize Vader Helmets

in which gallery I could find these objects or if somebody know the creator of these custom star wars helmet

Shooting – 007-0815-Styler for Thom Krom

007-0815-Styler for Thom Krom 2010.

Artist – Karl Lagerfeld created a Coke bottle

Karl Lagerfeld created a Coke bottle

Artist – Glenn Arthur

Glenn Arthur, I found this artist at myspace, fabolous work. The art he make is mostly painted or done with mixed media, no computers. 007-0815-Styler loves it.

007-0815-Styler – Shooting for Streetwear Today Mag

streetwear today (www.stw2d.com) is a magazine for streetculture and everything related – from fashion to streetart and music. It gives a preview of international trends in …

Fashion – Bread’n Butter / Fashion Week Berlin

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Berlin 22.10.2010, Berliner Friedrichsstadtpalast

Lomo – Bread & Butter Berlin

Lomo Store Bread & Butter Berlin

Fashion – 007-0815-Styler Shirt

In einem ernsten Moment entwarf der Styler diese Humorvolle Fashion Shirt, hope you like it.

Fashion – Madonna is Dead

The only brand that matters. Dissizit. They are the streets, hip hop, graffitiand graphic pioneers, with a legendary status in this game for over 20 years

Lomo – Shanghai Lomographic Gallery Store

This Lomographic Gallery Store is based in Shanghai (Lu Wan District; 上海大使馆 上海市卢湾区进贤路126号)

camou* – new blog around

camou. with desperation comes inspiration…

Sneakers – Adidas 6009 “ Flag Stripes“

Rechtzeit zum 60. Geburtstag, bringt Adidas ein schönes patriotisches Pack an Sneakern raus

Lomo – New Special Edition by Dorophy Tang

…check das aus: Lomo hat’ne Special Edition Camera heraus gebracht. Die DianaF+ by Dorophy Tang. Die kann sich sehen lassen. Eine, meines Erachtens, sehr schöne Edition namens: Qing Hua.

Sneakers – mi adidas – create your own sneaker

create your own sneaker. mi adidas shoe generator